November 26th 2019: ”Aachen Youngstars” at the CHIO showgrounds: Gala show, sport, free admission

When the “Aachen Youngstars” kick off with the competitions of the dressage riders on November 28th, personified by Romy Allard that is precisely what is coming to the CHIO showgrounds: A “young star”, one of the best aspiring German talents. Last year she competed in three classes, she won two of them and came third in the other. More than that is hardly possible.

Romy Allard from the dressage promotion district Neuss is in the meantime 17 years old. She will be competing in the Juniors age group (16 to 18-year-olds). In spite of her young years, she has already gained plenty of experience in Aachen, she celebrated her debut at the traditional showgrounds at the German Youth Championships in 2017. And in what style: Aged just 15, in her first season riding in the Juniors classification, she took the German Championship title. Appearances at the Aachen Youngstars followed in 2017 and 2018. Last year she returned home as the “Indoor Champion”. In 2019 she will be taking on some of the best – and she said modestly: “I can’t expect things to go as well as last year, but of course I do want to finish under the top rankings.” She always enjoys riding at the traditional showgrounds at the Aachen Soers: “The Aachen Youngstars is one of my favourite shows, the conditions are simply super, the hall looks beautiful and the atmosphere is fantastic.”

From Thursday onwards, 108 of the best young dressage talents from 15 nations will be competing in the Albert-Vahle Arena. The dressage classes have been part of the “Aachen Youngstars” since 2017. The top, young show-jumpers have been coming to Aachen in the winter for more than a quarter of a century, the show was originally entitled “Salut Festival” for many years. Of course, the jumping classes will also be staged in the year 2019, the show-jumpers will be taking to the ring from December 5th-8th. Incidentally, in doing so they are following in the footsteps or hoof steps of some legends of the sport, because among others Marcus Ehning, Christian Ahlmann or the current World Champion, Simone Blum, were also successful at the Aachen Youngstars in past years.

“Aachen Youngstars” – that is top sport, but also an exceptional atmosphere. The arena is festively decorated, a small Christmas market is even erected on one side of the hall. A further highlight is the “Aachen Youngstars Late Night presented by the Allianz”, a show focusing on dressage on Saturday evening (30.11.). In addition to show performances among others by Britta Rasche and the dancers from the Ferberberg Ballet School, the famous trainer Ton de Ridder will explain in an amusing way how a dressage freestyle routine is put together. The social media star, Lia Beckmann @liaundalfi, will also be climbing into the saddle. The show will be hosted by Annica Hansen @woelbchen.