December 8th 2019: The Aachen Youngstars: Crystal ball for the equestrian sport/The Indoor Champions of the show-jumpers

The Aachen Youngstars have a true crystal ball function for the equestrian sport – because they succeed in granting a look into the future of the show jumping and dressage sport. Namely, both last and this weekend the most successful, aspiring young riders competed in the Albert-Vahle Arena at the famous CHIO Aachen showgrounds.

“The level is exceptionally high,” stated Show Director, Frank Kemperman. Kemperman is the Chairman of the organisers, the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), which also stages the traditional CHIO Aachen. Hence, he knows what he is talking about, because many of the young talents, who once competed at the Youngstars, went on to join the ranks of the top international riders and compete at the CHIO Aachen: Marcus Ehning, Simone Blum, Laura Klaphake and Christian Ahlmann, to mention but a few of them.

The ALRV has been extending its commitment for aspiring young riders for years. The “Aachen Jumping Youngstars – Salut Festival” have been staged for over a quarter of a decade, the dressage riders have also been on board for the past three years too. In recent years, the ALRV has also taken on the role of organising the Germany Youth Championships. Furthermore, in the scope of the U25 Tour, the best young riders are given the opportunity to experience the CHIO atmosphere at an early stage. But the ALRV also asserts itself beyond this, for example by presenting many of the young riders on its social media platforms or providing practical assistance – as on Saturday afternoon for instance during the “Allianz-Talk”, in the course of which the young riders were able to learn a great deal. “The youngsters are our future,” said Frank Kemperman and promised: “We will in future extend our commitment for the aspiring young riders even further.”

This became evident on Sunday in a fantastic way. First and foremost, in the form of Mylen Kruse, winner of the "Grand Prix of the Aachener Bank e.G.", with her four-legged partner, "Chaccmo": The 20-year-old Young Rider from Northern Germany crossed the finish line almost 1.5 seconds faster than Zoe Osterhoff, who claimed second place. Mylen did however have plenty of time to practice, since it was already the sixth time she had competed at the “Aachen Jumping Youngstars – Salut Festival”. And if she has anything to do with it, it is just the start of a long career in Aachen: “Of course, one always dreams of the CHIO, naturally I took a look at the big stadium and imagined what it might feel like to gallop over the grass.” When she is back home, she can ask somebody who knows the answer: Mylen Kruse works as a professional rider for Janne-Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann, winner of the Rolex Grand Prix at the CHIO Aachen in the year 2011. With her victory in the “Grand Prix of the Aachener Bank eG", Mylen simultaneous also claimed the title as Indoor Champion – i.e. as the best rider over the entire days of the show.

Alina Sparwel prepared for the highlight at the end of the year in a very special way: “I was on a school trip,” she grinned after winning the “STAWAG-Prize”, the Grand Prix of the Juniors. The victory also brought Alina the Indoor Champion title. Malin Reipert reached the jump-off of the “STAWAG-Prize” as well. For the rider from Ratheim it was almost a home game, since she lives closest to the CHIO grounds. Ultimately, she finished sixth with Nikita.

In the “NetAachen-Prize” of the pony riders, Louis-Fynn Tschischke asserted herself on the final day. Only Carlotta Terhörst and himself had succeeded in mastering the demanding course to qualify for the jump-off. When Carlotta picked up four faults, it became clear: On his Aachen debut, Louis-Fynn had won the most important competition. Outstanding. Lara Tönnissen, the rider from Lüdinghausen in Westphalia put in the most consistent performance over all of the show days and was thus crowned Indoor Champion of the Pony Riders.

In the morning, Charlotte Stuppi, demonstrated how good the youngest athletes are. The 13-year-old show-jumper from Käshofen in Rhineland-Palatinate competed in the age group “Children”. Riding “Asterix” she put in an amazing performance in the “Prize of the Ercken Family”, and after winning all three classifications, also secured herself the well-deserved title of Indoor Champion.


Jens Ulrich Meyer, executive board of the Aachener Bank eG and ALRV President Carl Meulenbergh congratulating the winner. Photo: Aachen Youngstars/ Alexander Marx.

Jens Ulrich Meyer, executive board of the Aachener Bank eG and ALRV President Carl Meulenbergh congratulating the winner. Photo: Aachen Youngstars/ Alexander Marx.