Tearful triumph for Lilly Marie Collin in the Prize of BFT Cognos GmbH

Sunday, 3. December 2023

Tearful triumph for Lilly Marie Collin in the Prize of BFT Cognos GmbH

A proud 82.783 percent and tears for all involved: the final performance of three-time European champion Lilly Marie Collin and her Cosmo Callidus NRW in the Prize of BFT Cognos GmbH could not have been more beautiful.

Lilly Marie Collin became emotional on the final line, which she completed at an extended trot. "I had planned to just have fun. But then I realized that this really was our last salute," said the 16-year-old shortly after her ride as she wiped a few tears from her face. But it wasn't long before the young rider's joy and gratitude prevailed again. Joy at the fantastic freestyle she had achieved. And gratitude for having had a truly exceptional pony at her side over the past three years in Cosmo Callidus NRW. "He's really great," said Lilly Marie Collin, who experienced the most successful season of her young career in her last year as a pony rider. Three gold medals at the European Championships, first place in the world rankings and now the crowning glory of victory in the Prize of BFT Cognos GmbH and the title of Indoor Champion 2023, presented by UVEX.

A fantastic end to a chapter in the life of the Rhinelander, who knows exactly who she has to thank for her great successes: "I am indescribably grateful for Cosmo and the time we were able to spend together. But together with my parents and my trainer, I'm also looking forward to what's to come." As she says this, she casts a longing glance in the direction of the neighboring Deutsche Bank Stadium. "To be able to ride there one day, that would really be a dream."

This Sunday afternoon in the Albert-Vahle-Halle was not only a very special moment for Lilly Marie Collin. The two riders in second and third place, who stood at the top of the podium together with Lilly Marie Collin at the European Championships this summer, also completed their last competitions as pony riders in the Christmas-decorated arena. And, of course, Julie Sofie Schmitz-Heinen (79.458 percent) and Mia Allegra Lohe (77.725 percent) also shed tears after the final salute, before they too were happy and grateful to have had such great sporting partners at their side with Chilly Morning WE and Tovdal's Golden Future Imperial respectively.

Photos: Jasmin Metzer

Winner Lilly Marie Collin was congratulated by ALRV Supervisory Board member Dr Thomas Förl, judge Marlena Gruca Rucinska and BFT-Cognos Managing Director Guido Müller with daughter Nina.

ALRV Supervisory Board member Dr Thomas Förl congratulated the winner of the Pony Champion 2023 presented by UVEX.